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    Do Do Bears are one of a kind mohair artist teddy bears made and designed by Doreen Pyatt with help from her husband Jim. They are all made from the finest German mohair. Most Do Do Bears have double neck joints, allowing their heads and faces to be turned and posed in numerous endearing positions, they all have embroidered foot and hand pads with paw marks and "Do Do" embroidered on one foot and "Bears" on the other. Do Do Bears are surprisingly heavy, each one is filled with polyester stuffing and pellets and steel shot is added to give them a bit of extra weight and presence. Every Do Do Bear is a happy bear, they all have big beaming smiles and each one is told before it leaves us, that it has to make you happy, that is their mission in life. If you don't see the exact Do Do Bear for you, you can ask us to make you a special bear just for you, you would need to say the colour of the mohair, the size and if you wanted him or her to be a special character and anything else which you think is useful, you might want a special bear for a birthday or a wedding for example.

The Story of Do Do Bears

The Great Perceiver was a lady, whose name was Doreen Pyatt and she started making a new kind of artist teddy bear. Doreen’s artist bears were happy bears that were full of character and personality and they made people smile whenever they saw them.

When Doreen saw how much happiness her bears brought her friends and family she decided to take them out into the great big world and see what other people would think and do. Perhaps some people would like to adopt them and give them a new home. This is just what happened and Doreen got busier and busier making her bears, when things got very busy and she asked Jim (Doreen’s husband) to assist with the making of the bears for everyone to enjoy, and of course he was happy to help, well he loves bears too.

There now was the problem of what to call these lovable little bears. Doreen remembered how cheerful one of her own little girls was whenever she played with her favourite stuffed toy, which she took everywhere with her and who she named Do Do. That is where and how Doreen came up with the name Do Do Bears.

All of this happened in one of the oldest known towns in Great Britain, the ancient Roman town of Colchester. It took place in the latter part of the year in 1997, this was when the first Do Do Bears appeared. Now they can be found all over the world from Osaka to Ledbury.

We hope that you enjoy looking through our website and maybe adopting a Do Do Bear for yourself. If you'd like to contact us we'd love to hear from you, and don't forget to sign our guestbook.

Have fun and keep smiling

Doreen and Jim


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